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2021 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

Click on the month below to see those tributes.
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In Memory Of...
Dave Beachler from
Artandearlene Lantz
Lynn Crump from
Mrs. Stephanie Thorne
Gina Marie (Conti) Haren from
Cara Bernstritt
Elaine Brancaccio
Lori & Ray Carlson
Theresa Vernice
Martha Kirtos from
Nancy Beatty
Pauline Kumik from
Nancy Beatty
Joyce Markovitch from
Barbara Sullivan
Jan Morgan from
The Krackos
Steve Smokey Olenick. from
Megan Hackney
Marilyn D. Resek from
Marlene Mikan
Debra J Whinnery from
Pam Gabriel
The Winton Woods Preschool Team
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of "Buddy" from Sam Wortman  
 Honors / Tributes
Angel Wing Donations - building our future
Facebook Fundraisers
Sq Foot Donations - to the Angel Wing
 Thank You Notes...
General / Fund Contributions
Alice Paull-Bitzer
Ms Debra Callahan - Feline Fix Fest  
Jan Clymer  
Gabrielle Fellows - Feline Fix Fest  
Ms Kathleen Halligan  
Peter Hanson  
Angela Ice  
Karen Lodwick  
Diana Luster - Feline Fix Fest
Cheryl Michels  
Lakieshia Richardson  
Daniel Sesko  
Mrs. Janice Shriver - Feline Fix Fest  
Patricia Taylor  
TJ Theis  
Jill Trimble
Gilles Willard  
Deb Wiseman  
Michael Zetts  

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