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2020 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

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In Memory Of...
Beverly Eve from
Anthony & Robin Chiarello
Patricia Garrett
Janice Pariza
Randy & Kathy Vegso
Yellow Brick Place
Joshua Costa from
Bonnie Bentley
Beverly & Jason Bowman
Nicholas & Amber Costa
Robert & Denise Hahlen
Lawrence Townsend
James Cunningham from
Dominick L. Flarey
Gary York
Herbert G. from
Jakob Charitable Trust
Barbara Hawkins from
Don Hawkins
Carol L. Namie from
William Namie
Linda Papania from
Nichole Papania
Valerie Jean Pence from
George Angelato
Heather Pennel from
Patricia Pennel - for Feline Fix Fest 20
Jean Rockwell from
Carol & Frank Seruch
Beverly Sharnek from
Tina Davis
Justin A. Steffy from
Ohio Utilities Protection Service
Jeannie K, Travis from
Art Travis
Charlotte & Charles Williams
Shirley Blank Werner from
Timothy Page
Margaret Y. from
Jakob Charitable Trust
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of 'Mitzi' companion of Bill & Susan Snyder - Feeling heartbroken for you, but so happy that Mitzi had the most wonderful life possible. Lots of love, Jeff, Wendy, Gavin & Maddy  
In memory of  'Scooter' companion of Grant & Mona Rouser - In loving memory of Scooter- you gave him a wonderful life full of love. May he find Whisk and Inky waiting for him over the Rainbow Bridge  from Christine Brandon  
In memory of my 'Bianka' from Debra Graham  
In memory of 'Spitty', 'Pippi', 'Puffi', 'Cinder', 'Princess', 'Penn', 'Butter' and 'BK Megan', 'Kelsey' from Sherry L Ault  
In memory of 'Mitzi' companion of Susan Bill Snyder - from Joyce Borossa  
In memory of 'Mitzi' companion of Susan Bill Snyder - Dear Mitzi was such a sweet, special kitty! She was always the official greeter, and anyone who came through the door immediately fell in love with her. We all miss her so much! With love, Tim, Laurie, Timmy and Caitlin  
In memory of 'Casey' formerly 'Cassanova' at Angels - from Dave Kemmerle
In memory of 'Kylie' beloved companion of Jesse & Shane Salomone from Aunt Anna and Uncle Ron  
 Honors / Tributes
Happy Birthday to Ricki Bisson from Doretta Delisio  
In celebration of Ann Vargo's 100th Birthday - Family of Ann Vargo for her 100th birthday  
In celebration of Ann Vargo's 100th Birthday - from Robert & Margerite Craciun  
In celebration of Ann Vargo's 100th Birthday - from Monica Bucci  
My Aunt Beverly Ann Eve was a kind and loving woman, I am donating this on her behalf. - from Miss Janice Pariza  
In celebration of Trevor Staffords 50th birthday. The Staffords adopted a 2-year old pup from Angels for Animals on Christmas Eve. His name is now Petey and he has a great home. Happy 50th Trevor! - Jared Thomas  
Angel Wing Donations - building our future
Ms. Sandra Anderson    
 We are making this donation in memory of Beverly Sharnek.  - Liz Delligatti  
In memory of Beverly J. Sharnek from Angela, Carmen, Charlene, Jennifer, Lori, Mariya and Nilam  
Facebook Fundraisers
Sq Foot Donations - to the Angel Wing
Larry & Jeannette York - 1 Sq Foot.  
 Thank You Notes...
General / Fund Contributions
Helen Auman - Feline Fix Fest 20
Danielle Bates - Feline Fix Fest 20
Mrs Barbara Cibella - Feline Fix Fest 20
Molly Davidson
Alex Greskovich - Feline Medical Fund Donation
Lowell Gordon
Judith Humbarger - Feline Medical Fund Donation
Gwyn Hoffman - Feline Fix Fest 20
Stephanie Iacovone
Ginger Jewell - BOGO Fund
Debbie Kline  - Feline Fix Fest 20
Mr Frank Marino
Cheryl Michels
Lindsey Milak - Fix Fest 20
Mr Donald Murray Jr. - Just wanted to thank you for the best cat I ever had 'Emma' is now four and I have had her for 3 years.
David Neidig - Feline Fix Fest 20 - This donation is in response to that great TV ad about this program.
Pamela Pittman - Cat fixing donation. You do so much for us!
Joshua Pytlik - Hope
Julie Saibena - Feline Fix Fest 20
Robin Schuler
Tom Shushok - Valentine Fund
Janet Smelko - Please use this for the promo to sponsor a cat to save 30 lives in 2020. Thanks!
Brenda Smith
Gail Steele
TJ Theis
Jill Trimble
Jill Trimble  - Feline Fix Fest 20
Bev Uhlman  - Wanted to come to your Breakfast today but we live 30 mins from u and the rds look so bad , we were afraid to chance it ...instead i'm sending a donation , thank you for ALL YOU DO from me, Bev and hubby Dave Uhlman
Miranda Warchol
Tylor Wright

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