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In Memory Of...
David Ashton from
Marianne Raptis
Susan Rebhan
Eydie Restuccio
Fred & Janet Schweitzer
Nancy Baughman from
Louise & John Dyer
Betty Berry from
Mr Brent Wilson
Nicholas Drahush from
The ESC Staff
Marilyn Eberhart Dull from
The Anderson Family and everyone at Liberty Realty/Gander Properties
Frank & Grazia Arundel Jr.
Bill & Patty Beard
Ronald & Julia Brewer
Joseph & Betsy Campana
William & Alexandria Copich
David Crossman
Ms. Pamela Davies
Wendy & Daniel Dobres
Jeffrey Dull
Scotter, Annie, Katherine and Elizabeth Dull
Jeanne Franz
Glen & Rosalyn Gault
Suzanne & James Gomochak
Anthony & Nora Pilolli
Thomas and Mary Pokabla
The Rosenbergs
Barbara Simpson
Richard & Barbara Shramo
Suzie Snyders
Joseph Tahos
Testa Family
Warren Glass & Paint
Donald "Fats" Williams
Harvey Hood from
Pat & Shelly Bryner
Columbiana & Mahoning County Bee Keepers Assoc.
Harvey & Christine Haynam
Karen Loprire
Darla Hull from
Tracey & Brian Colvin
Steve Listisen, Sr from
Anne Listisen
Magdalene Maslach from
Danny & Linda
Kevin & Diane
Heidi Mitchell from
Jodith Lorant
Jacqueline Niemi
Cynthia Moran from
Joseph & Nancy Mayor
Parise Family
Gail Steele
Alyson Smith from
Mrs. Laurel Wirtanen
Susan Stafanik from
Patricia Coy
James Stewart from
Deborah Stewart
Shirley Trebilcock from
Jodi Blinzley
Lori Calvert
Don Gemi
Gary Trebilcock
Gayle A. Wakefield from
Patti Rohr
Jim Waldern from
The Lymber Family
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of "Maxine" beloved companion of Phil & Judy Patton from Brian & Sandra Mitchell  
 Honors / Tributes
Happy Birthday Diane from Judy Clement  
 Brick Memorials
In memory of Anna Marie Lukco from Jane & Anthony Valvoda  
Angel Wing Donations - building our future
Sq Foot Donations - to the Angel Wing
In memory of Shirley Miller from Sandy Conn - 1 sq foot
In memory of Anna Marie Lukco from Jane Valvoda - 1 sq foot  
In memory of "Lacey" companion of Mary Jane Backus - 1 sq foot  
 Thank You Notes...
General / Fund Contributions
Mr Trevor Burkholder - Donating for the cat Casey who was recently found in a Hammondsville garage
Nicki Geraci
Dr. Ben Hollis
Ciel Luciole - For Casey's eye surgery
Cheryl Michels
Grant Mingus - For Casey's eye surgery!
Paige Morris - Towards Casey the cats eye surgery!
Megan Riley - I wanted to donate a little bit for "Casey" the cat.
Gail Steele - Happy Valentines Day to all the precious dogs and cats
Therese Sucher - For Caseys eye surgery
TJ Theis
Jill Trimble
Bonnie Wilkinson

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