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2018 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

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In Memory Of...
Pamela Bestic from
Jon, Cherika, Jonathan, Eli and Jewel Latham
Frank Blanco from
Robert & Clarissa Elias
Janet & Timothy Porter
Sara Vona Bowlin from
Pete & Debby Whitman
Barry John Brocker from
Mahoning Valley accounting Society
Bob Fitzpatrick from
Edison Electric Institute
Ann Flannery from
William & Mary Ann Huzicka
Majorie "Marree" Chandler Harnois from
Melissa Ames
Masonary Materials Plus
Philip Henery from
Linda Ferrence
Kathleen "Katie"  Kievy from
Jane Cornelius
Florence Swierz
Barbara King from
Donna & Joe DeMay
Mike Kmetz from
Margaret & Louis Biska
Bill Kissinger from
Joyce & Daniel McKenzie
Laura Kumor from
Jerry Komar
David Leedy from
Susan Leedy
Bill MacPherson from
Donald Augenstein CPA
Peter Meub from
Peter Walsh
Margaret K. Price from
Barbara Kovach Darwish
Loretta Kasza
Donna Cassidy Snow from
John Kline
Alan Thompson from
Nicole Scudder
Sheri Thompson from
Western Reserve Motorcycle Club
Rodney Van Meter from
Bob Kempe
Margaret Price from
Barbara Kovach Dawish & Tim
Dr. Milton Yarmy from
Robert Shagrin
Susan & Neal Wallach
Gayle Wakefield from
Bob Kranitz
Bernice Pavlansky
Linda Ruse
Joseph & Janet Vari
Wilma L. Wilkes from
C.J. Prinz
Margaret Fisher-Zimmerman from
Thomas Kinkela
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of Norene Kenyhercz wonderful cats 'Stan & Artie'.  
In memory of Frank Lenzi's pets 'Chloe & Zoey' from Mary Ann & Crystal Kirk  
In memory of Deb Hay's cat'Jewel' from Dale Doran  
In memory of 'Pinky Roman'-So greatly missed from Annemarie Roman-Stanley  
In memory of 'Calle' from Mrs. Mary Ann Hammill  
In memory of 'CeeCee' from Ms Shari Budge  
In memory of 'Ruby' (Pug) from Linda and Bob Traylinek  
In memory of 'Daisy' from Romaine Ruffley  
 Honors / Tributes
In honor of Linda M. Linonis from Mr. Shawn Starkey  
Merry Christmas to my brother and my sister from Suzanne Mickler  
In honor of Delores Combs from Gary & Martha Kennedy  
Merry Christmas to my granddaughter Catherine Bennett from Dianna Walker  
Holiday Donation in honor of Kiki and Koko Ornstein from Raedine Hulea  
In honor of Delores Combs from Martha Kennedy  
Donation being made in honor of Carol Pylypiw from Scott Dimmick  
Merry Christmas. Gift given in the names of Linda and Marvin Dicker from Kim Hillier  
For Lynn and Jim Davis from Kim Davis  
In honor of Candace and Tony Colla from Congrats to the new Mr. & Mrs.! A gift BB would love :)  - Deloran Thompson  
Happy Birthday Matthew Dickinson from:Kristina Kananen William and Mary Caslow  
 Brick Memorials
Facebook Birthday Fundraisers - December Birthdays
Christina Bettura
Stacey Ferguson
Chuck Johnson
Lauren Krieger
Ashley McElhaney
Katie Stowers
Julie Svarny
Megan Wix
Angel Wing Donations - building our future
Dr. Anthony Mehle $200 to be applied to cat holding or feral cat cages.  
Lisa Graziani  
Lani Hartman    
Sq Foot Donations - to the Angel Wing
MY very best friend died this year. Her name was Anna Marie Lukco. Over the years she adopted cats from you and volunteered at your facility for just a short time. All who knew her wished that when they died they would be reincarnated as one of her cats. She left 5 cats behind which were thankfully adopted by her 2 brothers and a niece who took 3 bringing her total cats to 10. Bless her heart!! Anna Marie and I were friends since 7th grade and I miss her terribly. If there is a provision for her name to be on a brick please do so as a fitting tribute to this fine woman. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. - Jane Valvoda  
Lawrence & Ethel Maxim (2 Sq Feet)  
 Thank You Notes...
General / Fund Contributions
Angela Aiello
Dr. Marie Awad-Alexander
Scott Dimmick
Tom Dorgan
Betty Estes
Dr Gregory Huang
Ms. Brett Kengor
Bethany Kuczin
Mariie Lishick
Debra Malone, Jacksonville, FL
Frank Marino
Lawrence & Ethel Maxim
Cheryl Michels
Karen Pavlov
Dr Morris Pulliam
Melissa Romain
Jerry Stevens
Mrs Nancy Weibing

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