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2018 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

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In Memory Of...
Michael Bartell from
Ohio One Corporation
David & Gilda Riser
Terrie Smith
Kathleen Sutherland
Adwane Warchol
Kara Bohach from
Gail Bohach
Joe Coppola
David & Shelly Durbon
Robert Plunkett Jr.
Janice Potts
Michael & Cynthia Ries
Bruce Bott from
BRD Group, LLC
Jean Colwell from
Scott Anderson
Ruth Ford Edwards from
Richard & Barbara Black
David Leedy from
Wendy Beahn
Susan Leedy
Michelle Snyder
Cecil Lenhart from
Cheryl Brown
Betty "Betsy" J Millich from
David Glass
Mr. Leonard Myron
John R Pecoraio Jr
Dorothy Pasnick from
Ralph Reese
Heather Pennell from
Patricia Pennell
Rita A. Pitoscia from
Carolyn Bauer
Delores & Doxie Damico
Mrs Kathryn Emery
Karen Griffin
Butch & Evelyn Mihin
Joseph & Janet Ostrowski
Pam Pomar
Anthony Shaffer
On behalf of the faculty and staff of SMES middle school.
Debbie Rader from
Mr. Doug Shirey
Hardy Deland Ross from
Annette Williams
Vicki Lynn Schermer from
Charles Dunlap
Christine Lehman
Charlene Platt
Ben Z. Post & Debbie Laites
Gail Riess
Rick & Susan Sokolov
Ann C. Smith from
Denise Golonka
David Underwood from
John & Kathy Barnhart
Rosemary Matako
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of 'Zoe Steele' from Susan Steele.  We adopted Zoe (Sissy @ adoption) on 8/15/03 from your rescue. She brought our family endless joy and was the definition of love and loyalty. We lost her on 12/22/17 and my heart still breaks. She was deeply loved and greatly missed. May this donation help a rescue dog at Angels and may they all one day be as loved as our Zoe was. Keep up the amazing work
My calico 'Natty' from Karen Pavlov
In memory of Desiree Ulicney's 'Suki' from Jane Valvoda
In memory of Glenn & Margie Patterson's 'Cody' from John & Nancy Hauser "We will miss Cody. Your love and care for him made his life such a good one - and a long one!!"  Love, Nancy and John
 Honors / Tributes
In honor of Dr. Cheryl Whitfield from Karen Pavlov.  The love, care, and compassion that you showed to Natty and me is something I will never forget. I am sure Natty and Pixie are bonding over having been loved and cared for by such a wonderful woman! May God bless you always.
In honor of Travis Golladay's birthday from Gloria Golladay
 Brick Memorials
Angel Wing Donations - building our future
Sq Foot Donations - to the Angel Wing
Mr Teddy Cruz IV
 Thank You Notes...
Thank You to Rachel Ferrara for the Kuranda Bed donation
Diane's Birthday Gifts...
Matt Ditchey
Janet & Dave Flynn
Kathleen Holden
Alice Marchione
Jesse Munholand
General Contributions
Jessica Blythe
Ms Diane Boehret
Joanne Galey
Lee Moran
Chrystalyn Rhodes
Heidi Schumaker
Anthony Shaffer
Inda Tokash

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