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2017 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

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In Memory Of...
Andrew Ashby from
Josh Beshara
Denise Morchak
Diane Schifferli
Karen Williams
Karin Baxter from
Janet Flynn
Kara Bohach from
Frank & Deborah Ferraro
Bruce Bott from
Kelley Griesmer
Christian & Minyet Palich
Darlene Czarnecki-Bruderly from
Chrisanne Bowden
Mitzi D'Alesio from
Rita M. Perrine (Show Us the Mommy)
Robert Fay from
Bob & Deborah Campana
John & Paula Linden
Jennifer McCormick
Terry Weinell
Anne Flood from
Brian & Kari Antal
Barbara Archer
Mark & Karen Cherol
Kristi Hiner
Winifred Flood
Robert Gray from
Mr. & Mrs Joe DeVincent
Daniel Garritano, Sr.
Kimberly Gray
Wesley Gray
Patty Hoover
Mr.& Mrs. Wayne Mitchell
Lorna Pawlosky
Anthony "Tony" J. Lariccia from
Gerald Dixey & Mary Ann Karas
Julie Exner
Kevin & Martha Feicht
Dr. Gregory Huang & Natalie Lariccia
Robert & Lynn Sahli
David Leedy from
Barbara Berger
Heidi Peditto
David Levy from
Barbara Berger
Frank McFee from
Sherry McPhee Cooper
Rodney Van Meter from
Bob Kemp
Lisa Null from
Fermina Sanchez
Robert Parillick from
Frank & Mary Rocco
Louise Ritter from
Marianne Butto
Kenneth & Margaret Cherol
Jerome & Linda Depascale
Bonnie & Janet Flynn
Joanne Franks
Edward & Joan Gresko
Bruce & Rosemary Lazar
Robert & Sharon Luklan
Brian & Kelly Meenachan
Reginald & Mary Melia
Tim & Maureen Newell
Darius & Joanne Offill
Anthony & Marianne Patella
Mark & Mary Pelini
Richard & Elaine Petrosky
Jennifer Pfluger
Bill & Chrys Ritter
Mary Ann Romayo
Michael & Cynthia Roussos
Mary Ann Simko
Evelyn Stoops
Frank Tarantine
William & Lillian Weimer
Jeffrey Stephens from
Edward & Alma Burns
Richard & JoAnn Creed
Carl James
Randall & Amy Johnson
Shirley Freed-Matula
Michal & Karen Naffah
Scott Schulick
Mark & Linda Shapona
Dawn Speece
Sarah Jane Thomas from
Karen George
Elaine Topfer from
Sharyn Sibera
Patrick Trimble from
David Lorenz
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of 'Miss Nina Lee' beloved companion of Carol Johnson from Samantha Henson-Ciavarella Nate and I made a donation to the local animal shelter in memory of Miss Nina Lee. Lots of love to you and your gang!
In memory of 'Snickers' family member of the Croutch Family. Snickers will live on forever in your hearts, but I know you will always miss her. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Love, Pam Crewson 
In memory of 'Ralphie' friend of Aloise Wertz. Happy Birthday to my dearest friend in memory of your Ralphie. Norene Kenyhercz
In memory of 'Lacy' Kessner companion of Carol Kessner from Michael Doyle
In memory of 'Buster' companion of Jeff Daloise - We share your grief. Buster was one in a million. - Judith Daloise
In memory of my best friend 'Allie' whom I adopted from Angels for Animals - Mr. Tom Dorgan
In memory of 'Banksy' - Kellie Simcic
In memory of 'Pinky Roman' my beloved girl adopted through Angels, Forever in my heart - Annemarie Roman-Stanley -
In memory of 'Rusty' the cat by Palma Eckman
In memory of AlleyCat & Moey - My Messengers of Love from Sharon Vanasdal
In memory of Karen James very special kitty, 'CJ' from Janis Markusic
In memory of 'Gus' from Martin & Kay Hornung
In memory of 'Eddie' from Steve Hoard
 Honors / Tributes
In honor of Katie Emery - To my favorite animal lover and best auntie ever :) from Madeleine Stevens
A donation to cats in need was made in the names of Koko and Kiki Ornstein. Merry Christmas! from Raedine Hulea
Happy Birthday to Roxanne Al-Sharif from Secret Santa - Your love for animals is inspiring! I have made a small contribution to Angels for Animals in honor. I hope this helps bring joy and love to yours and an animal's life this holiday season.
Merry Christmas, Harlie Detrick! We know how much you love animals and that it's important to you that people adopt from shelters, so this year we've made a donation to Angels for Animals in your honor. We love you and your big heart so much! Can't wait to see you in January! Lots of Love, Aunt Tay, Kevin, Gideon & Genevieve
In honor of Deb Hammond from The Buzzacco's - Your love of animals will help those in need this holiday season. Merry Christmas Love, Tony and Barb
In honor of Linda M. Linonis - A gift in celebration of Christmas has been made in your name to Angels for Animals by Matt and Shawn Starkey
In honor of Kim Kengor - Merry Christmas! Something I know you'll appreciate. Love, Brett Kengor & Neil
In honor of Jim & Lynn Davis from Kimberly Davis
Merry Christmas to Anna Marie Lukco from Jane Valvoda
In honor of 'Eddie' companion of Randy Stone & Family from Steve Hoard.
In honor of Don & JoAnn Herron from Jason Axelson
Merry Chsitmas to my Secret Dancer McKenna!! - from Robin Gorby
Merry Christmas to Margie Pellin from Dixie Pellin
In honor of Mr. and Mrs. Begg and the G. M. Begg Family from Laura and George Begg
In honor of Carol Pylypiw from Scott and Michelle Dimmick
Merry Christmas to my son & daughter in law Bob & Deb Burnside from Minnie Burnside
Merry Christmas to Mr. & Mrs James Hutz from Janice Vargo
In honor of Bernard & Irene Bayer from Catherine Stamm-Hillman
 Brick Memorials
In memory of Mitzi D'Alesio from William & Carol Cook
In honor of Ronald Ferranti and the Ferranti Family from Janice Foster
In memory of Terri Green from Hill Ineternational Trucks
In memory of Bruce Bott from Kim, Keri and Holly Rhoads
Angel Wing Donations - building our future
On behalf of Don & Erica Phillips by C. Kathleen Mills
On behalf of Brad Phillips by C Kathleen Mills
On behalf of Kimmy and Leslie Perkins by C. Kathleen Mills
Sq Foot Donations - to the Angel Wing
In honor of Carol Robb by Frank and Karen Binkley
In honor of Albert & Maryann by James & Jennifer Anders
 Thank You Notes...
Thank you to the Mercy Health Surgery Doctors for their donation. We appreciate their support!
General Contributions
Andrew Aey
Marie Awad-Alexander
Ms Monica Caimano
Ms. Misty Creamer
Susan Crowley
Nicki Geraci
Mr Lowell Gordon
Kelley Griesmer
Mr Tim Greiner
Jessica Hodge
Patricia Howard
Mr. David King
Dennis Klaustermeyer
Dr. Anthony Mehle
Jody Musitano
Christian & Minyet Palich
Dr Chistine Pease-Hernandez
Mr. William Randel
Margaret Witkowski

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