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2017 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

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In Memory Of...
Ellen L. Ahlborn from
Lubrizol Corporation
Susan Seager-Maier & Dan Maier
Craig & Nancy Welsh
Westfield Insurance Foundation
Ronald Ankney from
Richard & Barbara Black
Thomas V. Handel
Gregory & Judith Kupec
Marion Bean from
R. A. & Barbara Gibbs
Charles "Charlie" L. Cain from
Deborah L. Grindley
Kathleen Campbell from
Mr. & Mrs. Harry A. Shood
Janice Cassidy from
Anne Rowland Burford
Risa & Steven Goldberg
Richard & Shirley McDonald
Ronald Chamber from
Mr. & Mrs. Russell Chambers
Samuel H. Huffstetler from
Sue & Bob Cover & family
Carol & Nick Graham
Lee Graap
Mrs. Linda Hauff
Nina Krall
Richard Miles
Irene Mills
Shirley Nestich
Brenda Rafter
Amanda Simione
J. Takach
Mary Ann Turney
John & Barbara VanKirk
Sandra Warfel
Keith Wolf
Ken & Dixie Wolf
Kathy Murberger from
Amanda Simione
 Pet Memorials...
In honor of  Lieutentant Scotter better known as "Scootz" best rabbit friend and compaion of Larry Waddell
In memory of 'Jessie' my best friend from Robert Suerken
In memory of 'Minnie' beloved pet and good friend of the Patterson family from John & Nancy Hauser
In memory of 'Brewster' the much loved pet and friend of the Keish family from Dave Keish
In memory of "Lucky' the cat, the beloved family pet and best friend of Laurie, Tim & Timmy Norris from Susan & Bill Snyder
 Brick Memorials / Honors...
In memory of Aunt Ersilla Garritano from Joann Jaderosa
 Thank You Notes...
Thank you to Susan Holloway for the donation and gift cards in honor of the 70th birthday of Clark Eckenrode
In honor of the birthday of Jason cooke from Mark Sweetwood

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