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2017 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

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In Memory Of...
Walter D.  Baker from
Lorie Lee Amedia
Alan & Kathleen Beaudis
Rita Finelli and Family
Carmen & Donna Leone and Family
Ray & Louise Leone and Family
Linda Shura
Leon & Maria Vassilaros
James & Martha Witt
Mary Benish from
Lisa Bennett, Jennifer Schofer & Eileen Hardin
Elizabeth "Betty" Davies-Powers from
David & Laura Brunetto
Janice L. Barker-McLaughlin
Robert David Birmingham from
Co-workers of Robert Birmingham
Rudy Bodnar from
Dolores Germond
Madeline Dunn from
James R. Dunn, Sr.
Dr. John Fusco from
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher Fusco
Greg Schnepp
Ed & Terry Skrobut
Martha Gagyi from
Paul & Lynn Cramer
Helen F. Lang
Jean Eagleton Gardner from
Richard & Joann Creed
Jane Nugen
Bambi Helmick from
Sheryl Goodrich
H. Thomas "Tom" Hoffman from
Godfrey & Betty Markulin
Helen Kaluczky from
Rita Jockman
Jaon Kaluczky from
Rita Jockman
Gloria Keever from
Eugene & Jane Lightel
John Koch from
James & Linda Bricker
Bern Kuivila from
Carol Christy
Gloria S. Ogram from
Andrea Savastano
Lynda S. Youmans
 Margaret Jane Orlando from
Robert & Karen Anness
Michael Barak
James & Mary Pizzola
Ralph & Julie Reese
Mark Sams from
Thomas A. McMahon
Carol A. Sharkey from
David & Pamela Hrina
Elizabeth "Liz" Swansiger from
Mark & Judith Arnold
Bill, Jeanne, Butch & Robin
David & Laura Brunetto
Co-Workers at St. Ignatius High School
Garen Distelhorst
Michael & Julianna Dudash
Bertha H. Eszenyi
The Kawecki Family Paul, Cheryl, Adam and Trever
Godfrey & Betty Markulin
Jeffery McCormick
Joe, Karen & Jonathan McIlvenny
Tracy McQuillan
James & Donna Sankey
Betty, Ron, Scott & Lynda Serich
Sandy Sheehan
Arthur L. Thomas
Richard & Ann Wehrle
Mary Wallerick from
Kathy Hamilla
 Pet Memorials...
In honor of "Bonnie" the beloved dog and best friend of the White House Fruit Farm from John & Tara Reid
In honor of "Bonnie" the beloved dog and best friend of the White House Fruit Farm from Pat & John Heston
In honor of "Zeus" my beloved dog and best friend...Patricia Andrews
In memory of "Lexi" beloved pet of Anna Marie Cenname from Whitney McAnlis "We hope the donation helps keep Lexi's spirit alive"
 Brick Memorials / Honors...
 Thank You Notes...
Happy Birthday Tina Kessler from Sandra Tucker

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