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2016 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

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In Memory Of...
Richard Cole from
David & Janis Betts
Joan, Chris & Camron Cole
Wayne & Beth Ann Diamond
Steve & Janet Mack
Mary DeLillo from
David & Cathy Early
John Eiferd from
Joseph & Betty Wells
Nick Fabian from
General Motors, Warren MI
Charles James "Jim" Goodall from
YSU Foundation Staff
     {Paul McFadden, Heather Chunn, Brian Nord, brian Wolf, Dan Kopp
     David Baker, Mandy Shina, Kaitlyn Pinter, Chris Bosela,
     David Morgan and Diane Playforth}
Dominic & Pamela Buzzacco
Nicole K. DeAngelis
Helen F. Golden
Karen A. Krause
Dale & Mary Ellen Rhinehart
Donald & Rosemary Sicafuse
Mary Ann Hamracek from
Edith M. Babik
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Jones
David & Rosemary Keffler
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Makovec
Robert & Darlene Rushwin
Ruth Troxil
Barbara J. Kosanovic from
John & Theda Burky
Richard S. Yrvak
Kenneth L. Leskosky from
Nacny & Jerry Demetra
Ron McKay from
Jerry & Claudia Allen
Charlotte & Dennis Vitt
Mary Shick from
Nicole K. DeAngelis
Mrs. Dianne E. Ford
Laura White
Robert E. "Bob" Steck from
Samantha Bakus
William & Lynda Bakus
Bill & Nancy Betteridge
David & Janis Betts
William & Judy Carson
Evelyn C. Dearing
Wayne & Beth Ann Diamond
Robert & Marilyn Roberts
Lawrence & Helen White
Brittany Szwedko from
Mary Szwedko
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of my best friend and feline companion "Carmel Sundae" from
Jennifer Wardle
In memory of "Kismit" beloved pet and good friend. from
Terry Moore
In memory of "Lulu" beloved pet and good friend of Zsofia from
Alena Sevachko
In memory of "Molly" the beloved dog and best friend of Jeff, Wendy, Gavin & Maddy Steiskal from
William & Susan Snyder
 Brick Memorials...
 Thank You Notes...
Thank you to Mrs. Chiu's Class at Sebring Local School for raising $200 from their candle making project. They also made pictures for the shelter to make us "Bark" and "Meow".
To honor Carol and wish her a happy retirement Paul Garchar
In honor of Dr. Suzanne Hogue for being a great vet to my dog "Keys" from Diane Palmer

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