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2015 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

Click on the month below to see those tributes.
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In Memory Of...
Sallie L. Bierdeman from
John & Ginger Bierdeman
Otis Bonner from
Doug & Holly Elliott
John Lee Brown from
Ronald Griffith
Shirley S. Frease from
Alice S. Ogden
Jim & Ann Sullivan
Patty Strawhecker Harman from
Clare Baldwin
Dr. Michael Fujimagari, Marsha Fujimagari Curley,
     Wendi Fujimagari Hartzell & Daniel Fujimagari
Paul Hill and the Hill Family
Cindy Mayer
Kelly Quear
Drs. Curtis & Kristal Weinstein
Bentley Lenhoff from
Kathy L. Collins
Scott, Priscilla, Molly & Emily Dann
Brian & Hope Ellis
Jerry & Victoria Newell
Mary K. Nicolls
Bonnie, George & Jessica Ribet
Stephen & Marilyn Sniderman
David S. Waldman
Constance S. Leposky from
Arnett Carbis Toothman
Lucy J. DiMarzio & Virgina Boyle
Martha A. McCauley from
Alliance of Bikers Aimed Toward Education
Helen M. Meese from
Audean R. Patterson, Barb Burger, Linda Lynch, and Peg Tobey
Kari Simon Novak from
Heather Bieber
Helen Pavlov from
Karen Pavlov
Jennifer Schippert from
Loran & Joyce Brooks
Carol Moebus
Ronald Slipkasky, Sr. from
Dolores M. Falgiani
Donald & Nancy Foster
Brian & Andrea Stamp
William E. Wolfe from
John A. Boila
Janet Flynn
Gary & Rae Pazak
Dr. David S. Waldmen
Western Reserve Amateur Radio Club
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of "Charlotte" a beutiful kittie from
Judt Elkins
In memory of "Archie" the beloved dog and best friend of the Surgeon family from
Marcella A. Surgeon
 Brick Memorials...
 Thank You Notes...

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