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2015 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

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In Memory Of...
Marilyn Brajer from
Terry & Harriet Cohen
Matthew E. Dreas from
Peter & Mary Licavoli
Monic A. MacQuarrie
Paul & Charolette VanEtten
Jean L. Elicker from
Doran C. French
Susan Schulken
Ann Mavrigan Farmakis from
Stefanie Hudzik
Howard & Linda Mancini
Irene P. Neshite
Audrey C. Fox from
Ellen K. Smith
Eric R. Franken from
Paul & Emily Bailey
Helen Gottardi
Douglas & Ellen Katterheinrich
Don Schilling
Kelly & James Yurkovich
Ed Wroblewski
Jeanne Less from
Kay Pointkowski
Dorothy & Ted Smerber
Joan Male from
William & Caroline Doliber
Patricia D. Styka-Riehl from
Deanna Blake
Pamela Flory
Louise Kluchar
Gail Lemmon
Marie Lipinsky
Robert Lowery
Dr. Kong Tatt Oh & Gim Saik
Carol J. Olson
Judith Styka
Amy Shadle from
Ryan Rebholz
WS Packaging Group - Franklin Plant
Cal James Smith from
John & Susan Janca
Evelyn & Irven Wilhelm from
Chriss A. Golden
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