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2014 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

Click on the month below to see those tributes.
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In Memory Of...
Kathryn Beverly Baird from
Robert J. Comerford
Dennis Hageman
Gerald & Patricia Hoover
Ernest & Nancy Lou Jones
Jennifer Sanford
Dennis Barr from
Dr. Richard G. Barr and the family and friends of Dennis Barr
Lori J. Cook
Joseph & Angela Lippillo
Seneator Harry Meshel
Edward & Christine Muransky
Veeraiah & Swarajya Perni
Linda Stickelmeyer
Walter & Celeste Tomich
Isabelle Costello from
Elaine Topfer
Susan A. Brinkman Drewette from
Mary K. Hrobak
John & Lynn Valentino
Irene G. Was
Charles Gearhart from
Gloria Yokley & Tom Hasya
Mary Jo Sanitate
Eleanor A. Haessly from
Josephine Divita
Miriam "Pudge" Johnson from
Catherine Andrukat
Bridlewood Village Condo Association
Craig A. Clarke
Harris, Miller & Finkelstein, CPA's LLP
John & Kathy Hoover
John Hoyle
Marilyn Johnson
Lloyd & Joanne Knudsen
Violet Knudsen
Elizabeth A. Thorpe
Joyce E. Thorpe
Carole M. Wilson
Victor Ross from
Marlene Helman
Metrechia A. "Tish" Soper from
Shirley A. Kutevan-Hetz
Beverly June Sopko from
Candace L. Crum
Frank Toman from
William & Dawn Fleming
Robert G. Toman
Robert P. Toman
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of "Bo" beloved companion of Barbara & David Alter from
Susan Sexton
In memory of "Dina" beloved companion of Carole Wilson from
Mariyn Johnson
In memory of "Toby" from
Vince & Elva Vargo
 Brick Memorials...
 Thank You Notes...
Thank you to Christi Beckett and the Avon Foundation for their monthly support.
Thank you to Linda Bland for choosing Angels for Animals as her designated charity during the Country Porch Winery Salad Challenge. Linda's mustard dill potato salad earned $110 in donations. 
Special Thanks to Travis Golladay for donating 3 Sam's Clubs Cards
In honor of the marriage of Travis & Nicole Golladay from Karin Chadwick
Happy birthday to Audrey Schweble from Susan Malkoff

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