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2014 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

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In Memory Of...
Chuck Baker from
Richard Davidson
Robert & Joann Fedyski
David Lindquist
Paula Stefanski
John Baxter III from
Richard Davidson
David Lindquist
Paula Stefanski
Elizabeth L. Theiss
Valarie L. Vine
Linda Chuba from
Vera Gardner
Carol Cooksey from
Ted Cooksey her husband
Karen & Joe Choppa
John & Lynn DeGeneffe
Kurt Gruett
Negley's Well Drilling, Inc.
Brian & Teena Wylie
Karen Graham from
her daughter Kim Graham Grey and Cynthia Bell
Joseph & Dorothy Courtney from
George & Diane Playforth
Andrew Janish from
Mary E. Wakefield
Kenny Knepper from
Bernadette Mizicko Beler
Susan Mazzucco from
John Mazzucco
Ruth Nash from
Ray Mann & daughter Susan M. Jantz
Susan C. Scala
David Owens from
Wayne County JFS Leadership Team
Billy Powell from
Ronald & Debra Rodway
Rose Richards from
Dan A. Martin
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Orsiniak & daughter
Susan C. Scala
Pete & Theresa Smerechansky
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Walter
Thomas Shay 11/12/1947 - 1/2/2014
father of Robin Shay Maner and Edward Shay
Pam M. Bishop
Lori M. Cantor
Ann Sotock from
Karen Sotack
Elsie Spiker from
Leonidas & Maria Vassilaros
Robert C. Wagner from
Comcast Metal Products Company
Jim Zambelli from
Katie Cox
Nina Giovanelli
Robert & Marlene Harford
Rudolph & Tamara Krafft
Adam & Jackie Lytle
Erika Thomas & Chris Losnegard
Steven & Pauline Tomko
Carl J. Zambelli
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of "Abby & Vinnie" our precious cats from
Alena Sevachko
In memory of my Carn "Angus" who passed away Dec. 1st by
Emogene Ditzler
In honor of "Buddy" & "Omar" cats of my friends from
Lara Schmidt
In memory of "Corkle" from
Sarah Piatt
In honor of "J.J." beloved friend and companion of Susan & Mike from
Wendy Steiskal
In honor of "Precious" by
Kathy Levy Weinberg
"Sammy" beloved friend & companion of Dave & Denise Swantek from
Marcella A. Sturgeon
"Strawberry Evans" beloved best friend and companion of Nacy & Dave Evans from
Neil & Linda Johnson
 Brick Memorials...
 Thank You Notes...
Thank you to the Sunday School kids at St. Anns Chuch in Beloit - $152 from their bakesale.
Larry and Natasha Kelley for gift cards fot Sams's Club $100 and Office Max $25 in honor of their wonderful dog "Cloud"
1-2-3 for $45 donation of $50 as a thank you for helping her spay all the cats that were dropped off at her farm from
Deborah Danko-Hewitt
Kuranda Dog Bed from
Jane Valvoda
Best wishes from our forever home "Diva", "Jazzy" & "Peachie" from
Gail & Mike Link
Happy Birthday to Travis Golladay from
Gloria Golladay
In honor of Martha Katz from
Mary Alice Budge
Happy Holidays to Charlie Masters from
Wendy & Stephen Weiss
In honor of Karyn & Brian Pardee from
Kathryn Michele Knauss
In honor of Jackie Pavlinic and Paula Lane from
Stephanie Hunter and Cheri Jones
Happy Birthday to Darlene Pellin from
Margie Pellin
In honor of Justin Phillips from
Nina L. Phillips
To honor Sookie, Frieda, Louie & Tahoe from
Justin Coffin

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