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2013 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

Click on the month below to see those tributes.
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In Memory Of...
Charles Norman Baker from
Virgina E. Lamp
Dr. James J. Berny from
Irene M. Matas
Ruth Bianco from
Marion Brown
Linda Chuba from
David J. Chuba
Shirley Clear
Joseph J & Dorothy A Courtney from
The Adventure Club Family
Richard & Susan Dryburgh
Joseph & Ida Guerriero

John & Margaret Harr
Ed & Marcy Koltonski
William B. Mangano
Wes & Lynne Rainhardt
Lee & Kathleen Raybuck
Ed Strauss
Paul & Esther Walter
Mark & Georgia Wilson
Cecil Creech from
Irene M. Matas
Karen Graham - A true animal lover from
Cynthia Bell
Gary M. Hafely from
Larry & Barbara Wilkins
Sandra Jean Iacobucci from
Joseph & Joan Rog
Scotty & Jake Kelly from
Michelle Kelly
Robert Luth from
William & Jean Pasquale
Fred McLean from
Charles Brunswick
Keith & Jean Downard
Barbara Hreen
Megan McLean
Albert & Carol Mulichak
Skip & Laurie Powell
Anne Kristen Munn Ort from
Barbara & Tom Scarney
David Owens from
Ohio Job & Family Services
Judy West
Marc Renner from
Lillian M. Libert
Randy Taylor from
John & Cynthia O'Connor
Paul Wagner from
Gary & Patricia Olenick
Laurie Wilms from
Karin Baxter
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of Abby & Vinne beloved cats and best friends of Alena Sevachko from
Phyllis Sevachko
In honor of "Elias" a terrified little dog adopted in 2008 - he is now happy healthy and loved very much from
Celeste Amatangelo
Gray - our little shop cat. from
Scott McVey
Halo - Bloved cat of Donald, Scott  & Becky Hrivnak from
William & Susan Snyder
JJ - Susie and Mike's loyal and beloved companion. from
Wendy Steiskal
Peekoe the Pug - Nancy's Little Boy from
Gail Pastoria
 Brick Memorials...
In memory of "Pinky" and "Samantha" from
Anee Marie Stanley
 Thank You Notes...
1-2-3 for $45 (formerly 2 for 1) gifts
$1,250 - Bolt Constuction
$1,053 - Estate of Diane Comerford
   $100 - Jerry Judeh
Two $100 Sam's Club Gift Cards thank you
Travis Golladay
Dedicated to Brooklyn adopted from Angels back in October 2012.  She has been the best dog ever and we would like to make this donation in her honor from
Gergory Valeriano  & Family
Merry Christmas to Lucile Bartelmay from
her Grandaughter Stepahnie Williams
In honor of Laurel & Mike Conway watching our dog Joey from
David Shipley
In honor of Jill Cox from
Anne Stout
In honor of Alyla Danes birthday from
John Danes
Dedicated to Linda Gannon from
Kayla Garner
In honor of "Gonzo" from
Susan Misconish
Kevin Hall & Megan Hall from
Mike Burns
Shirley Hryronak from
Sarah and Allan Strouss
Merry Christmas to Margie Pellin from
Ernest and Dixie
In tribute to Elena Sevacho from
Ruth Sevacho
In honor of Sookie, Frieda, Louie & Tahoe from
Justin Coffin

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