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2013 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

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In Memory Of...
Anthony Dominic from
Steven Jones & Genet Neguse
Jayne Feldman from
Betty & Jill Winters
Oneda Hartzell from
Karoline D. Perkins
Bruce Hillman from
Gregory P. Balson
Carol E. Beadling
David & Debra Hirschfeld
Disctrict 6 Memorial Fund
Harry "Hap" Huffman from
Amy B. Campbell
Mary Kramarich from
John & Darlene Fulvi
Mr. & Mrs. Steve Juratovic
Scott & Jane Hawkins
Rocco & Mary Nori
Margaret Komar from
Bruce & Susan Epstein
Dale & Rosemary Fruman
Ralph & Judith Grady
Mary Anne Mehallick
John & Ellen Romanko
Janice & Emil Svercek
Robert Carl Krause from
Virginia L. Dineen
Katherine A. Krause
Louisa H. Miller
Steven & Virginia Meloy
Barbara Krempasky from
John & Paula Jakubek

Harold & Kathleen Wilson
Stella Mamajek from
Keith & Jean Downard
John & George Kardulias
Mary Palmer
Julia Senchak
Kathy Martig from
Barbara & Cynthia Lerch
Lawrence A. McQuaide from
Julia Vasel
Michael Pryor from
Harry & Mary Lynn Conn
Teddy Rebich Jr. from
NEP Broadcasting
Patti Rutkousky from
Daniel & Joyce Palmer
Harry Whitman from
Delma Cooper
Joe Wilt from
Joyce A. Julien
Modern China Company
Carol E. Zipay from
Joe Eastlick & Betty Fair
Mont & Teri Eastlick
Paul & Dianne Eastlick & Family
Tom, Donna & Presley Eastlick
Jolene Laura Fairbanks
Pat Heck & Family
Rebecca A. Nan
Raymond & Mary Ella Young
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of "Charlotte" from
Pat and Tom Cicatiello
In memory of "Holly" from
Marjorie Teets
In memory of "Frankie" who died of kidney disease 7/5/2012 sadly missed by
Breen and Lori O'Malley
"Kitty" friend to Luke from
Pam Thomas
"Packy" beloved dog, friend & companion of sandra Suszczynski from
Karen Choppa
"Polo" & "Tessa" from
Mary F. Hake
"Primo" beloved cat, friend & companion to Beth & Sean Sich from
Anna Cook
In memory of "Zoe DelGarbino" my niece-dog from
Karen E. Cherol
Thank You Notes
2 for 1 Fund gifts
$200 - Maryann Karas
"Bonnie" debbie Pifer & the Hull Family for $348.10 plus gifts received from Bonnie's Birthday party at White House Farms in Canfield.   What a kind and loving thing for Bonnie to do.
Care Fund gifts
$100 - Cecelia Varsho
"Casseopia" from GAC gifts
    $5 - Roselee Hershman
Dog Wing Fund gifts
 $100 - Anand Vyas
"Elvita" from CAC gifts
  $50 - Jane Aiello
  $20 - Tim Naypauer
  $25 - Carrie Radivoyevitch
  $20 - Donna Woodstead
General Fund gifts
  $25 - Sarah Gilpin Gilpin
  $20 - Donna Woodstead
Luna Fund gifts
$100 - Sandra Byers
$150 - Carol & Mike Czarneski
    $5 - Carl Leiter
$200 - Anthony Taindel
Marty's Fund gifts
  $20 - Rosanne Donofrio
"Pete" sponsorship gifts
  $50 - Kathleen Crouse
Ricky Fund gifts
$200 - Diane Less
"SUM" Fund gifts
  $50 - Millie Vodhanel
Valentine Fund gifts
  $25 - Marie Van Acker
  $25 - Lois Stout 
  $50 - Rhona Tetemanza
Angels greatly appreciates Sherry Kissinger, Cub Scout Pack #121 of Rogers, Jamie Feezle, and Save-A-Lot in Rogers, for their fundraising efforts to save Valentine's sight. Valentine is our old orange tabby boy that was thrown from a car on Sharrott Road in Beaver Township, on Valentine's Day, 2013. Sherry, with the help and support of the scouts of Cub Scout Pack #121 of Rogers, sold hotdogs and handmade pet items, 50/50 raffle tickets, and accepted general donations, at the Save-A-Lot store in Rogers on April 6 to the tune of $1000 for the Valentine fund. Jamie Feezle won the 50/50 but generously donated her winnings of $184 to the Valentine fund. Sherry spearheaded this highly successful fundraiser in memory of her kitty cat, Dexter, who also suffered from vision problems similar to Valentine's. Thank you Sherry, Jamie, and the cub scouts, parents, troop leaders, etc. of Cub Scout Pack 121. 
To Melanine Teheyck on her Birthday from
Deb West & Lizz Randolph

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