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2012 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

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In Memory Of...
Theresa Andrevich by
John & Jodi Finchman
Autumn Kausits
Margaret Ann "Peggy" Balmenti by
Christine Iaderosa
Don P. Copier by
Marcia Elkovits
Donna Jean Briach wife of George by
Charles E. Dunlap
 Martha E. Cupp by
Vincent & Kim Boninsegna
Dixie Lee Lester
Irene M. Matas
Rudy & Diana Wiesner
 Sandy Lee Emig daugther of Bonnie Irwin by
Randy & Mary Cooper
Point to Point, Inc.
Mae Euren by
Moraig Jardon
John Hartzell from
Sandra Hartzell (brick)
Martin Heckathorn by
Janet Taggart
Frances Johnson by
Eric Johnson
John R. Kovach Jr. by
Pamela Guerriere-Kovach
Lang Family and Joan Wolfe from
Helen Lang
Veronica J. Manion by
Dennis & Tammy Manion
Sandra Naughton-Zellers from
Susan & John Morlan
Andrew Neil Pernotto by
Robert & Betty Davidson
Robert Marshall & Elizabeth Pernotto
Anthony & Lucille Ricci
Merri-Lynn (Toporcer) & Carl Smith & Family
Peter T. Pernotto by
Elizabeth M. Pernotto
Helen Prokupek by
William & Susan Snyder
Marc Renner by
Lillian Libert
Joann Sanderson who passed away Sept. 29 by
G. Herschman Architects
Carol Bailey
Christine Erkman
Elaine Greene
Herschman Architects
Carole Sanderson
David Sanderson
Kathy Sanderson
Kay Vasko
Carolyn A. Tate
T.E. McCandless & D. Todd Murdock
Dr. Jane Williams by
Donald James Williams
 Ann Wilson by
Shelia A. Vandergriff
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of Bill and Diane Eaton's yellow lab "Duffy" from
Michael and Carol Czarneski (brick)
In memory of "Holly" from
Marge Teets
This donation is in memory of my beloved cat, "Pinky Roman-Stanley".  She passed away a month ago.  She was adopted from Angels 8 years ago.  She was found by George Beaver. from
Annemarie Roman-Stanley
Thank You Notes
 Bear's surgery from
Troy & Chris Rhoades
2 for 1 Fund from
Deanna Anderson
Michael & Carol Czarneski
$1,000 - Terry Daprile Paul & Rebecca Stabile
$2,000 - Flynn Family Foundation
   $200 - Glenn Preston
     $35 - Brian & Kelly Yanchik
BBB from
Carol Cook
$2,000 - Flynn Family Foundation
CARE Fund $2,000 - Flynn Family Foundation
Feral Cat Fund from
Gail Pastoria
$2,000 - Flynn Family Foundation
General Donation   $202.15 - from East High School Class of 1972

Gail Pastoria
$2,000 - Flynn Family Foundation
My fiance and I are getting married on Saturday, Novemeber 3rd 2012.  We are very excited!  In lieu of favors, we have decided to use the money for a donation to your organization.  Although we don't know much about his life before March of 2007, we do know-from his micro-id chip that at some point our dog Jax was in the care of your wonderful volunteers and facility. He brings so much love and happiness to us everyday and so your organization has a special place in our hearts!  Please accept this donation on behalf of "The Friends and Family of the Kovach/Sahi Wedding"  Thank you for all that you do.
                                                                                               Alissa, Mark & Jax
In honor of they children of the musical production of "Annie", especailly Courtney MacKay, Rachel Libert, and Anna & Macey Guerra by
Richard & Joyce Mahan
In honor of Carla Catheline from
Sam D. and Terry Roth
In honor of  my family by
Janice Foster
In honor of Fred Hingel by
Fred Riegler
Merry Christmas to Anna Marie Lukco from
Jane Valvoda
In honor of George & Lynn Mitchell by
Nancy Epstein
In honor of the Reverend Sean Myers by
Cynthia Kavanaugh
In honor of Nickie, Sammie, Teddy, Maggie and Jimmy (former resident) by
Debra Cook
In honor of Bob Noe & Lynn Kear-Noe from
Paul and Pauline Saternow
In honor of "Pumpkin" from
Jennifer Stark
In honor of Saternow fmaily from
Paul and Pauline Saternow
In honor of Gail Victory from
Martha Lee Walker
In honor of Kay Vincent by
Carl & Margaret Bogenschutz

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