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2012 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

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In Memory Of...
Mary Jane DeBernardo by
Iilene Dorenbosch
 Jeffery R. Himes who passed on June 21st by
Susan Drotleff
Susan Edwards
Jared Friedman
Robert Grout
Patricia Hite
Lisa Kishok
Michael Mentzer
Shirley Pullman
Phoenix System Group, Christine Ohle
Joan Marx by
Diane & Denise Glasser
Doris Kolacz by
Connie Neff
Jacquelyn Madge Landgraf by
David & Barbara Ranttila
Dominick Ricciardulli by
Lucy Ambros
Linda Bliss-Flaminio
Amy Campbell
Doris Layfield
Toni Ricciardulli
Christine Wray
Janice Sell wife of Richard by
Connie & David Sell
Derek, Cynthia & Sophie Schwartz
Karen Ulery by
Gary & Trudi Krugh
Christy Walton by
Tamara Pieri
Martin Washington by
Sam D. Roth
Dr. Jane Williams by
Lora A. Chito
"Dinner Club Friends" of Hubbard, Dannie & Joanne Croyle
Sue Kelley
John & Cynthia Livingston
 Pet Memorials...
In honor of Angel Kitty "Adelaide" adopted 12 years ago by
Mary Ann Yerage
In memory of "Nala" beloved cat of Dana Lariccia.
Nala was adopted as a kitten from Angels old shelter when Dana was 8 years old.  Nala lived to age 18.
Mary & Tony Lariccia 
Special Thanks
Tony & Mary Lariccia
Thank you to Tony & Mary Lariccia  for a $2,000 Donation in memory of "Nala" beloved cat of Dana Lariccia. 
The donation is in honor of  Dr. Allison Achey and Diane Less for helping "Nala" over the Rainbow Bridge.
Diane M. Oleksa  

Diane M. Oleksa Thank You

Every shelter has a "Wish List" and early this year some of our biggest wishes came true when the family of Diane M. Oleksa, who passed away July 28, 2010, generously committed $5,000 from Diane's estate to purchase several much needed items for our medical department.
Veterinary Technician Christina Marinelli is shown holding our new microchip scanner and demonstrating the wonderful new cage bank which will be used to hold animals recovering from surgery or awaiting medical care. We were also able to purchase a new anesthesia machine and vaporizer.  These items will allow our staff to better meet the needs of our furry patients.  We wish to extend our thanks to Diane's mother and brother for granting her request to help Angels for Animals. Diane was a true cat lover and always had compassion for the strays who found their way into her heart.

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