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2012 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

Click on the month below to see those tributes.
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In Memory Of...
In memory of William Chirdon by
Anthony & Sandra Midure
Karen R. Chirdon
Suzanne Julian Kirchner
In memory of Jackie Daprile by
Peter Asimakopolos
Edward & Gail Brown
Robert Calvert
Christopher Colella
Toni & Tom Degenova
Mary Beth Deluco
Ronald & Roseann Hackett
Carolyn Harklerode
Andrew & Janice Lubanovic
Samuel & Marie Morocco
Frank & Gina Petruziello
Paul & Patricia Takacs
John & Gail Walsh
Lynn Zvara
In memory of Pearl Donahue by
Sharon, Joann, Sue, Terri Rhodes & families
In memory of Bill Dravesky by
Darlene Nischwitz
In memory of Reverend Elaine Dutton by
John Macintosh
In memory of Helga Eckley by
John Sutton
In memory of Paul Hughes by
Carol Hughes
In memory of Janie Jenkins by
Deborah Davidson
In memory of Helen Maro by
Geneva Diagiacco
In memory of Susan Mazzucco by
John Mazzucco
In memory of Ken Mehwald by
David & Nina Parker
In memory of James Pander by
Paul & Patricia Takacs
In memory of Panchette "Butchy" Pecchia by
Geneva Digiacco
In memory of Dominick Ricciardulli by
John & Sandra Stun
In memory of Elise Noonan Surdakowski by
Dave & Beverly Fauvre
In memory of Amanda Leigh Westover by
Cheryl L. Borkes
Wade & Kayla Hart
Tru Cut, Inc.
In memory of Judy Westover by
Ruth E. Baker & Family
East Fairfield United Methodist Church
In memory of Jane Williams by
Patricia Bleidt
In memory of J. Floyd Wingrove by
Mary Lou Wingrove
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of "Petey" Sniderman by
Richard & Susan Thomashow
In memory of Dear Little "Lucky" by
Mary Jane Weaver
In memory of Marilyn & Stephen Sniderman's "Petey" by
Linda & Stan Palumbo
In memory of Jenn Dunn's "Boston Dunn" by
Dr. David A. & Paula Kutlick
In memory of Holly & Charlie Coleman's "Annie" by
Julie Dutton
In memory of "Stickley Peoples" (Cat) Owner William Peoples by
Max & Nancy Peoples
Thank You Notes
To Jennifer Wegryn for supporting our mission.
To the Sunday morning dog volunteers for buying more toys!
To White House Fruit Farm for Bonnie's Birthday
To White House Fruit Farm for Porkchop
To White House Fruit Farm for Veda
To Girl Scout Troop #80420 for 4 Cat Sponsorships  
In honor of marriage of granddaughter Mollie Elicker by
Jean M. Elicker
In honor of Diane by
Molly Mackil

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