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2012 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

Click on the month below to see those tributes.
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In Memory Of...
In memory of Knute Bernard by
William Billet
Ray and Judy Burkholder
Barbara J. Knopp
St. Paul's Lutheran Church Choir
Whan Inc.
In memory of Barney Dennison by
Karen Reiley
In memory of Mary F. Dick by
Ann T. Ferguson
In memory of Rev. Elaine Dutton by
Bertha H. Eszenyi
Robert and Marion Gillette
Robert (Glen) and Ellen Hall
Thomas and Kathie Nelson
Dianne Replogle
Wickliffe Presbyterian Church
In memory of Denise M. Andrak Fonagy by
Fredric and Joanne Boswell
John Fonagy
Bob and Barbara Jules
Cheryl L. Yourga
In memory of William Gearhart by
Graham Stamping
Phillips Steel Co.
Wheatland Steel Processing Co.
Frank and Sandra Martuccio
Mark and Renee
Agnes Connor
Traci and Jay
Lee and Irene
In memory of Carol J. Hendricks by
Mary K. Doyle
In memory of Annie James by
BDI Nashville
In memory of Penelope "Penny" Phillips by
Audrey Z. Chengelis
Farmers Trust Company
The Kalfas Family
Joseph and Paula Slavic
Cleo and Faye Zambetis
In memory of Robert Tutko by
Steve Breuer
In memory of Lori Herman Young by
Grace Harkleroad
In memory of Jeannette Zeigler by
Charles and Martha Bell
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of "Chopper" Porter Mark and Stephanie's lab by
Robert Kempe
In memory of "Cinnamon" by
Roger Rovini
In memory of "Erin" Megan, Jeff, Danny and Laura Good's
Golden retriever
their grandmother, Patricia McGunigal
In memory of "Felix" by
The Hoffmans
In memory of "Gibley" by
The Gibsons
In memory of "Lily" beloved family pet of
The Merva Family
Nancy Sikora
In memory of Ryan Grace's dog "Lyndon" by
Elaine Topfer
In honor of Mr. Ronald Krisher by
his employees at Therm-O-Link, Garrettsville, OH and Vulkor, Warren, OH
Happy Birthday Greetings to Ernie and Darlene Pellin from
Margie Pellin
In honor of Margie Pellin's 60th Birthday from
Erin Gyomber

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