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2011 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

Click on the month below to see those tributes.
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In Memory Of...
In memory of Rose Blair by
Valerie Rizzo
In memory of our friend Carl by
Edward and Mary Ellen Leviseur
In memory of Diane Comerford by
Roger W. Kotouch
McDonald Steel Corp.
Timothy D. Niles
Linda Wiland
In memory of Florence Krossman by
Michele Kae Buda
In memory of Juanita Higgins by
Youngstown Public Library Employees
In memory of Paul Hughes by
Carol Hughes
In memory of Anne Finnerty James by
Mary G. Wagner (CARE Fund)
In memory of Jane Lebeau by
York Family
Byrnes Family
Stephenson Family
Steer Family
In memory of Katherine Lottman by
Susan E. Ault
In memory of Richard Markovsky by
Brenda Leschnack
Ruth Ann Vericella
In memory of Jim McCabe by
Robert J. Williams
Janet Winschel
In memory of Normajean McVey by
Diane Less (brick)
In memory of Marvin and Rhoda Mostov by
Dennis E. Beck
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bettura
Michael and Gail Froomkin
Liberty Veterinary Hospital
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mahaffery
Joel P. Mazelis
Susan Mostov
Neil, Harriet Schor and the Schor Family
Robert W. Shaw
Stephen and Marilyn Sniderman
Linda M. Taylor
Mark Zeidenstein
In memory of Jody Olson by
Mary Brinker
David and Annette Camacci
Donald and Stephanie Cook
Carol and Michael Czarneski
Carl James
Shirley Moore
Donna Nord
Charles and Constance Rumberg
In memory of Ernest Pellin by
Dixie and Ernest Pellin, Jr.
In memory of Mabel Proverbs by
Carol C. Sarlo
In memory of Frances Rust by
Mark and Cathy Danehart
In memory of Edie Suick by
John and Beth Siwied
In memory of Phyllis Taggart by
J. Taggart
In memory of William Volosin by
Boardman Medical Supply Staff
Ambrose and Carole Drapcho
Arlene Elosh and Michael Pantely
Indian Creek Drive Friends
Kelly and Brian Meenachan
John and Elaine Murar
Don and Pat Siembida
Joseph and Karen Simko
David and Carol Suhich
In memory of Helen Zoldan by
Diane Drissen Shamrock
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of "Snoopy" the cat by
Ardis Drewyor
In memory of my cat "Britches" Eve by
Beverly Eve (brick)
In memory of our long time cat friends "Samantha" and "Biggie" by
Joyce Fife
In honor of "Maggie", a very special dog
Howard O'Malley
In memory of "Chloe" by
Doris J. Saloom
In honor of Anna Marie Lucko's "Missy" from
Jane and Anthony Valvoda
In memory of our beloved dog "Snoopy" by
James and Nancy Zone
In honor of Carol Robb from Bubba, Shadow, and Dusty
In honor of Nancy West's great-grandchildren for Christmas by
Debra Hodge
In honor of Margie Pellin by
Dixie and Ernest Pellin Jr.
In honor of Carla Catheline from
Terry and Sam D. Roth
In honor of Marty Harry from
Angel Fitzpatrick
Merry Christmas to the Ferranti Family from
Janice Ferranti Foster
In honor of my father, Bill Sol from
Elizabeth Sol Wellington
Thank you to Diane Less for her continuing efforts to assist animals in need. On behalf of the extended Oros Family including:
The Smithwick Family
The Shapiro Family
The Schafer Family
The Oros Family
Merry Christmas to Christopher and Ana Wetzl from
Karen Kelly-Daley and William Daley
In honor of "Midnight" and "Maya" by
Denise Riffee
To honor the marriage of Cathy and Bruce Woods by
Norma McDonough
In honor of Donna Jones from
Patricia Chamberlain
In honor of Dorothy Patterson from
Christine Patterson
In honor of Pinky Tuscardaro Roman from
Annemarie Stanley

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