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2011 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

Click on the month below to see those tributes.
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In Memory Of...
In memory of Loretta (Rita) Cicchillo by
Joseph and Angela Donofrio
In memory of Margie Cleary by
Denise Brindle
Betty and Paul Jagnow
Helen Phillips
Penelope Phillips
In memory of Diane Comerford
Joanne and Bernard Curran
Toni and Tom DeGenova
Kathleen and Paul De Serio
Bill and Dawn Fleming
Mary Ann Karas
Kathleen K. McCullion
Terri J. Segeleon
Linda Shipsky
Joann M. Ziemianski
In memory of Josephine Donatelli by
Linda F. Anderson
In memory of Natalie F. Jubelirer by
Marlene Hollander
In memory of Robin Kascsak by
Clifford and Tracy Brunner
Garrettsville Volunteer Firefighters
David A. McRobie
In memory of Jayne M. Liebau by
James and Cheryl Mosier
In memory of Betty Jane Marshall by
Julianne Forbes
In memory of Normajean McVey by
Scott McVey (Show Us the Mommy cat spay program funding)
Cedar Steel LLC
Sondra and Tony Dastoli
Cathy Duck
Barbara Martin
Oslavsky Jaminet Architects, Inc.
Charles and Mary PetroskyMcVey con't
Janet Porter
Judith and John Wozniak
In memory of Marvin and Ronda Mostov by
Eleanor Suzanne Dulya
Richard and Susan Sokolov
In memory of Mabel Proverbs by
Carol Queen
In memory of Amy Ross
A (brick) was donated in memory of Amy Ross by the following friends:
Shirley Anderson
Denise Carney
Kevin and Amy Coppola
Geneieve Guyer
Shaine Klish
Vicki Kuhn
Toni Muscarella
Linda Misco
Beth Ann Nord
Diane Nord
Frances Nord
Kimberly Reed
Janice Sheffler
Nikole Stuchal
In memory of Nick Scarbino and his cat by
Betty L. Scarbino
Sally Ford
In memory of Harriet Schwebel by
Robert and Mercy Komar
Renae Stoner Scharf
Audrey Schwebel
In memory of William C. Volosin by
Boardman Medical Supply Staff
Ambrose and Carole Drapcho
Indian Creek Drive Friends
Brian and Kelly Meenachan
John and Elaine Murar
Arlene Elosh and Michael Pantely
Don and Pat Siembida
Joseph and Karen Simko
David and Carol Suhich
A heartfelt thank you to 12 year old "Angel" Ellie and 9 year old "Angel" MacKenzie for donating money to buy food for the animals.
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of "Brillo" by
Nancy J. DeSalvo (brick)
In memory of "Callie" by
Mary Ann and Howard Hammill
In memory of Dan and Pamela Vass' golden retriever "Holly" by
E. LaVonne Pelisari
In memory of Robert Moon's 17 year old dog "Sadie" by
Gina Malatesta
In memory of "Little One" by
John and Marcia Taylor
In memory of my beautiful departed "Gus" - best dog in the world by
Jane Valvoda
In honor of Joe Hucko by
Michelle Uitto
In honor of the Saternow Family by
Paul and Pauline Saternow
In honor of Bob Noe and Lynn Kear-Noe by
Paul and Pauline Saternow
In honor of "Angels" for giving us wonderful pets by
F. E. McCandless and Todd Murdock
In honor of Rev. Gary and Sharyle Marcy's 50th Anniversary from
Gertrude Prest

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