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2011 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

Click on the month below to see those tributes.
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In Memory Of...
In memory of Larry Cossack by Richard and Christine Chasko
Linda L. Ohl
In memory of "Cookie" Gutierrez by Diane Less (brick)
In memory of Jan Herbst by Richard and Julie Duff
In memory of Mark Hunter by Robert and Judith Culp
Friends from Fairhaven Niles Workshop
Gary and Shirley Hunter
James and Sonia Lee
Thomas and Betty Jane Testa
In memory of Annie James by Joseph and Ruth Cullum
Mary Ann Karas and Jerry Dixey
Diane Less
Robert Lev
Marsha Rozeski
In memory of Richard C. James by Edward and Barbara Howley
James and Patricia Johnson
Conley and Patricia Powell
Karen A. Willshaw
In memory of Stephen M. Meszaros by Diane Less (brick)
In memory of Tom Nemeth by
Jeri Wolf
In memory of Pat Parise's mother by Ronald and Frances Young
In memory of Jerry Rhinehart, brother of Dale Rhinehart by Diane Less
In memory of Eileen Shilling by Robert Shilling
In memory of Randy Taylor by Patricia Taylor (brick)
 In Honor Of...
In Honor of Darin Sapp's Birthday by Rebekah Delatore
Nancy and Sean Garner
Bryan McConnell
Cynthia and Kevin Parks
Laura Rumble
Joya Villani
In honor of A.S. and S.J. Centofanti's 60th Wedding Anniversary by Patricia Brakefield (brick)
 Schools & Groups... 
Southern 6th Grace Excel DI 2011 (brick)
Cat's Meow Team - $225.00    --  St. Joseph & St. Elizabeth Health Center Fitness Challenge (Mallory Holko, Megan Holko, Jennifer Salyard, Renee Ferry, Dorothy Holko, Team Captain)
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of "Buddie" adopted by Gary and Ellen Weiss 15 years ago
In memory of Michelle Brundage's wonderful dog "Chamois-Sham" by Linda Wiland (brick)
In memory of Pam Hecker's old kitty "Goldie" by Gina Malatesta
And Friends at Badger Middle School
In memory of "Paige" by John Adamski (brick)
In loving memory of "Phoenix" by Rebecca and Bertram Blackson (brick)
In memory of "Savannah" Szenyeri Beloved dog of John and Linda Szenyeri (brick)
In memory of "Tippy" and "Molly" by Thelma Theis

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