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2011 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

Click on the month below to see those tributes.
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In Memory Of...
In memory of Everett Lee Barker by Cheryl L. Borkes
In memory of Barbara Christy Cole by Joseph and Susan Miller
In memory of Stephen and Mary Csernik by Richard and Daniela Csernik (brick)
In memory of Paul E. Dickson by Terri Dickson
In memory of Jean L. Farr by Evelyn M. Goeller and Family
Ann and Robert Kurz (Ricky Fund Donation)
David Peterson
Sally Snider
In memory of Al Grace by Elaine Topfer
In memory of Danielle Greenburg by Cafe Capri Friends (brick)
In memory of Frances Gutierrez by Loretta F. Brooks
Mary Ann Karas
In memory of Annie Finnerty James by William Bannister
Bearing Distributors Inc.
Georgia Benkart
Mark Bergel
Karl and Diane Bloom
Josh Boyles
John and Anne Buckley
Marsha and Mike Connellan
Kate Cullum
Paul Cunningham
Keith and Zelda Dinunzio
Mike Dolpp and Thomson Industries
Randy and Cheryl Elkins
Michael Fabian
Janet Flynn (brick)
David and Sue Frances
Roger Frederick
Elizabeth E. Gurley
Dave Jacoby
Paula Kempe
John Kisel, John R. Kisel, and Jeffrey Kisel
Steve Master
George and Lynn Mitchell
Jack Nevel
Richard and Jane Organ
Brian Patten
William and Susan Phillips
Sheryl and Rick Pijor
Evan and Lizzie Rees
Brian and Erin Renner
Eleanor Richardson
Gary F. Rist
Frank and Charlotte Rocca
Dan Ruth
Hoy and Susan Seckinger
Ann M. Seigler
Penny Ship
Dale Skoch and Emerson Industries
Jim and Annemarie Stanley
Karen Bizzarri Timlin
Dr. David Waldman
James and Cathy Waltkins
In memory of Margaret M. Kazy by Gary and Candace Banks
In memory of John R. Kovach Jr by Pamela G. Kovach
In memory of Dennis Kredel by Michele Huston
Randall and Amy Kyte
Diane Murphy
William and Lorie Taylor
In memory of Anthony LaCivita by Rich Sterba
In memory of Katherine Lottman by Susan E. Ault
Tonya Woolensack
In memory of Tom Nemeth by Penny Vencel
In memory of Cheryl L. Phillips by Hilda Beck and Family
In memory of Doris Morris Ritchie by John Jr. and Sheryl Heinze
In memory of James Smerber by Susan Scurti
In memory of Ralph Theopholus by Matt Ditchey (brick)
 In Honor Of...
Wedding Congratulations to Gary and Duchess Glaser from Kathleen A. Davies
Marilyn DeCaria
Beth Durkin
Pat Hyde
Jack (Booker) Kessler
Kimberly Lickner
Nisi Mays
Pamela Swarthout

On behalf of Shannon Louk by Sallie M. Brenne
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of the Solomon's rescue dog "Mona" by Georgia M. Benkart
In memory of my Angels boy "Leroy" by Diane Less (brick)
In memory of "Sitka" we loved you, by Diane Less (brick)
In memory "Handsome Herowl Mitchell" by Diane Less (brick)
In memory of "Rommel" by Theresa Seiders
In memory of "Misty" by Beloved friend, Marilyn Bosco
In memory of "Rusty" by Frank and Kathy Martin (Ricky Fund Donation)

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