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2010 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

Click on the month below to see those tributes.
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In Memory Of...
Elmer Burbick by Diane Less (brick)
Darlene Crumbacher by Robert G. Snyder
Antonnette Garritano by Diane Less (brick)
James Wendell Goodhart by Elsie Florence Chalker
George H. John
Robert and Caryl Kloss
Luther and Georgia McMillen
Phillips and Charlotte Moore
Joe and Tina White
Phillip Kurfis by Joni Badolato
Carol Beall
Dolores Capan
Linda Kurfis
Angela Wiegand
Anthony Lacivita by Floye and Gordon Myers
Helen Mines
Cliff Henlsey
John A. Lake by Mary DelGreco
Robert and Pat DelGreco
Katherine Lottman by Susie Cope
Joe and Cindy Dade
Lee Ann Candella-Nutt by Curves/Cunningham Fitness
Mary Dellarco
Margaret Dennison-Wolfe
Patricia Diloreto
Lucy Kalmer
Alice Marchione
Ann Mravich
Janice Schultz
I.A. Sullivan
Paula Vielberth
Mary Jane Vrabel
Cheri and David Williams
Ernie Pellin Sr. by Margie Pellin
Arveda Smiley by Jean P. Bickford
Shirley A. Frohman
Raymond and Georgia Kuneli
Andrew J. Stavich by Dennis Troll
William Teets by James and Barbara Barrick
Roman DeMio
William and Margaret Hood
June F. Jones and Jovian Jones
Mary Ann Karas
JoAnne Kehr
Edward and Mary Ellen Leviseur
Jim Mehl
William and Joyce Mehl
Marge Swanson
France Tuel
Jean Marie Wilson by Brian and Judith Fedyski
William and Ellen Folwell
Barbara and William Gonda
Irene G. Lancey
Ann Leson
Kenneth and Beverly Lunn
Shirley Ann Mizia
G. Earl Mowrey
Lucille Novak
Margaret Remias
Nancy J. Sakmar
Agnes and Ron Sauer
Harold J. Wilson
Harvey Wilson
Randy and Mary Wilson
Robert and Joanne Wilson
Sandra J. Wire/Kotch by Denise Davis Winland
 In Honor Of...
Merry Christmas to Donna Atwood from Vince and Whitney Zmith
In honor of David and Kathy Byer by Lorelei Ebenshade
Holiday Greetings to Carla and Jim Catheline from Sam Roth
In honor of Scott Conkey by Denise Wessling
In honor of Roosevelt Elementary 3rd Grade teacher, Debbie Crish by Craig Hawout
In honor of Angus Ditzler by Emogene Ditzler
In honor of Dave and Janet Flynn from Jerry Whitlock
In honor of Yanna Huls by Signe Woodin
Merry Christmas to Bob Noe and Lynn Kear-Noe from Pauline Saternow
In honor of Pat Parise and Ed Staub by Ronald and Frances Young
Merry Christmas to Ernie and Darlene Pellin from Margie Pellin
Merry Christmas to Dixie Pellin from Margie Pellin
In honor of William Sol by Elizabeth Sol
In honor of Christine Toelke by Teresa Dyke
Merry Christmas to Don and Patti Toten from Jean E. Toten
Merry Christmas to Kay Vincent from Margie Bogenschultz
Merry Christmas to Christopher and Ana Wetzle from Karen Kelly-Dale
 Schools & Groups... 
St. Paul the Apostle Chinese Auction - $100
Pattie Carano/Macy's Salon - Pretzel Sales - $470
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of "Max" and "Molly" by Shirley Carletti (brick)
In honor of "Callie" by Mary Ann and Howard Hammill
In honor of "Mitzi" - Little Foot at AFA by Carol Cook
In honor of "Sookie, Cooper, Quinn, Tipper, Frieda and Louie" by Jana Hammer Coffin
In memory of "Worf" and "Sam-ese" by Pauline Saternow (brick)
In memory of "Major" and "Clifford" by Patricia Ruzga
In memory of Kathie and George Krajci's dog "Hershey" by Dale Leigh Doran
In memory of "Ricky" by Mary Ann Karas
In honor of "Maya" and "Midnight" by Denise Riffee
In memory of "Murphy" and "Kismet" by Douglas and Nancy Gordon
In memory of Sue and Max Malkoff's cat "Shelby" by Audrey Schwebel
In memory of "Sadie", the pug by Cathie and Jack DeFazio
In memory of our beloved dog "Maggie Hyde" by Christina and Charles Hyde (brick)
In memory of "Demi", my angel, by Jill Trimble (brick)
In memory of "James Dean" and "Buddy" by Karl and Judy Samples
In memory of "Zoe" by Sondra Dastoli
In honor of our foster dogs by John Feldmeier and Ramona Skriiko
In memory of "Lilly" and "Delilah" dogs tragically lost in house fire - on behalf of Melory and Zach Chace by Ron Thomas - Donated to "Spay Day USA" program
In memory of departed pets by Anna Marie D'Abruzzi
In memory of "Luke" our Great Dane/Mastiff mix, our best friend we miss you by Jeffrey Friend
In honor of "Pinky" Tuscadaro Roman, adopted from Angels 7 years ago by Annemarie Roman
In memory of "Kiwi" by Gary Stark

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