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2009 Tributes
Tributes are categorized by type and month.

Click on the month below to see those tributes.
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In Memory Of...
Marybelle Amy by Charles and Elizabeth Mathews
Bob and Janet Beck by Debbie and Andrew Lawlor (Brick)
Eileen Brace by Joanne C. Barns
Jack Canavan by Sally Canavan (Brick)
George Canavan by Sally Canavan (Brick)
Mary Clayton by Dan Clayton
Mary Dorazio
Jean Gallagher
Catherine LaForce
Diane Messier
Betty Ross
Deborah Stroup
Gerry Waller
Joan Warner
Niola M.
Susan Cronk by William R. Patrone
Beverly Dellarco by Kathy Garovich
Dance Dimensions
Stephen Futey by Allison M. Finley
Charles Johnson Sr. Sally Canavan (Brick)
Eddie Lawlor by Debbie and Andrew Lawlor (Brick)
Kramer Lawlor by Debbie and Andrew Lawlor (Brick)
George McComb by Frank and Nancy Alberti
Harlan Rech by Jeannette Albert (Brick)
Joyce Stephens by Gerald and Mary Novak
Cathie Wagner by Mom & Dad Wagner
Carrie Turcola & Larry Wiland Linda Wiland
 In Honor Of...
"Misty" and "Topsy" by Diane Koch (Brick)
"Tillie", "Yippy-Ball" and "Perdue" by Linda Wiland (Brick)
Stratton Creek Wood Works by Kathleen Marie (Brick)
Melinda Roussos by Cynthia and Michael Roussos
"Angus" 8th Birthday Dec. 7th by Emogene Ditzler
In gratitude for beautiful "Juliet" adopted 5/7/05 by Karl and Judy Samples
Ferranti Family by Janice A. Foster
Christmas gift to Dixie and Ernie Pellin by Margie Pellin
Christmas gift to Kay Vincent by Carl nad Margaret Bogenschultz
"Dunkin" by Davida G. Petrie
Christmas gift to Don Patti Toten by Jean E. Toten
Christmas gift to Linda by Larry A. Teaberry Jr.
Carol Robb by Frank and Karen Binkley
Gift for Warren and Ginger Likens by Beth Ewing
Christmas gift to Anna Marie Lukco by Jane E. Valvoda
Christmas gift to Christopher and Ana Wetzl by William and Karen Daley
Christmas donation in honor of "Roxie" by Maryanne Caleris
Kerrie Olszewski School Secretary by Howland Glen Sunshine Fund
Ann Peters by John Ault
Bob Noe and Lynn Kear-Noe by Paul and Pauline Saternow
Christmas gift to Carol and Michael Czarneski by Bill and Diane Eaton
 Schools & Groups... 
Community Art Projects Foundation - $670.00
Mosaic Masterpiece project at the Eastwood Mall
 Pet Memorials...
In memory of the Carr Family's "Callie" by Dale Leigh Doran
In memory of Olga Nicholas' "Gabe" by Dale Leigh Doran
In memory of Kim and Dave Solondz' "Aieko" by Richard and Susan Thomashow
In memory of "Carlos & Charlie" - dos amigos by Ward and Sandra Brookshite
In memory of "Wolf" - our 14 year old Siberian Husky by Robert Stacy Kuhn
In memory of our cats "Worf and Sam-ese" by Paul and Pauline Saternow
In memory of "Pipkin", "Gandolf" and "Mister Wag-A-Tail" by Debbie and Andrew Lawlor (Bricks)
In memory of BCI K9 Dino 1999-2009 by Jennifer and Bob Gray (Brick)
In memory of our beloved "Stanley" by Beverly Klinge

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