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A small green tattoo will be placed next to the incision site to indicate that a spay/neuter has been performed on your animal.  This is a non-optional part of your Angels surgery, if you have questions or concerns please ask before scheduling your appointment.


When you spay & neuter...
heat cycles and unwanted pregnancies will be eliminated.

When you spay & neuter...
undesirable behaviors such as inappropriate urination and spraying, roaming and fighting will be reduced.

When you spay & neuter...
the risks of various diseases such as uterine infections, prostate cancer, testicular cancer and mammary tumors will be significantly reduced or eliminated.

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page on Spaying and Neutering...


A former office cat...spayed of course!  

Every year millions of animals suffer and die in animal shelters, pounds and on the streets because there are just not enough homes for them all.

By spaying and neutering your pets you are giving them the beautiful gift of a longer, happier and healthier life.

You can make a difference and save lives simply by being a responsible and caring pet parent and having your animals spayed or neutered.





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