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Mahoning County Dog Licenses are also available year round at various  locations.   Follow this link:

Mahoning County
Dog License Agents


Angels is now an authorized agent for the sale of Mahoning County DOG LICENSES…

Ohio law requires all dogs over 3 months of age be licensed. Dog owners are encouraged to register their dogs before the January 31st deadline to avoid late penalty.

If you are a Mahoning County resident you can purchase the tags during public hours at the cashier’s window.

If you are adopting a dog you can purchase your license at the shelter and it will be good anywhere in the state of Ohio.  Subsequent licenses however, must be purchased in the county where you are living.

Dog License Prices - Mahoning County Residents
ADULT DOGS** $20.75 $40.75
** Exception: Any adult dog licensed within the first 30 days of ownership is $20.75
PUPPIES** $20.75 $40.75
** Puppies are dogs less than 3 months old
by county standards.

Dog License Prices - Dogs Adopted from Angels
These licenses are good throughout the state of OHIO for the first year; after that you will need to purchase a license from your local county.
$20.75 $20.75
** Puppies are dogs less than 3 months old
by county standards.
You are only able to process licenses at this price at the time of adoption and for 30 days after otherwise the COUNTY will consider it a new registration and charge you normal price.  We do not control this.

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