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Reader is required to access our back issues.  While this comes on most computers these days if you don't have it, you can get it at the below link for FREE!



The Halo is ANGELS for ANIMALS shelter magazine/newsletter and is currently published biannually.  Read the current issue or look at prior issues here.

Fall 2015
Halo Fall 2015   In this issue:
- The Newton FallsTigress
- Angel Wing Campaign 2015
- A broken angels finds her wings
- Volunteer spotlight
- Shelter stress
Spring 2015
Halo Spring 2015   In this issue:
- River's Journey: A long an winding road home.
- Speciial Section: Angel Wing Campaign 2015
- Spay/neuter programs helps low income owners
Winter 2013
Halo Holiday 2013   In this issue:
- Celbrate the Sprit of the Holday
 Season at Angels
- State of the Shelter
-The Story of White Mommy
- So You Think Your Pet is Overweight
- They Story of Romeo and Frankie
- Valentine's Story: A Journey of Love
  and Hope
- Memory of Teddy Rebich, Jr. Shines
  Thorugh at Angels
- Ally: A Guardian Angel from Angels
- Karen Erwin: Her Memory Lives on
  at Angels
Spring 2013
Halo Holiday 2013   In this issue:
- The Unstoppable Amy Winters
- An Experiment in Pet Therapy
- Angles Groom Participates in Local
  Grooming Expo
- Diane's Birthday Bash
- The Importance of Wills and Living
- Update on the New Mahoing County
  Dog Pound & Adoption Center

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