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Click on the link below to enter your pictures on our online entry form.   Paper forms are available at the shelter and our events.

Online Entry Form


Results so far here ...

Place Votes Contestant # / Name
1 150 Veronica -
Carol Sinz
- 150 Happy -
Sam Sinz
3 122 Shae -
Tracy Haywood
4 95 Shawn -
Himes Painting
5 60 Bocephus, Miss Muffy, Lola, Zsa Zsa, Truman - Lorrain Schwab
6 57 Triton -
Donna Zagorsky
7 55 Hetfield -
Vicki Powell
8 30 Rosie -
Holly Guerrero
9 27 Marley -
Tiffany Kerr
10 22 Storm -
Kathy Granger
11 15 Kik -
Janet Flynn
- 15 Dice -
Janet Flynn
- 15 Allie -
Janet Flynn


Calendar Contest 2020 -  12 Month Calendar Entries Slide Show 

2019 calendar contest entries are in the slide show to the right.  All slide show functions are available by clicking on the top pictures or by selecting an individual picture from the thumbnails at the bottom of the main picture.

Entry forms and official rules and contest information are available on the right and bottom sides of this page respectively.


Cast your vote for winner below the slideshow in the yellow section you will be taken to a PayPal secure site. Click the 'Continue Shopping' button to vote for more than one animal at once.


CLICK HERE TO ENTER  Entries are $5 each.
Entries are subject to post entry processing and may take up to
48-72 hours to process.  If you don't see your entry please check to make sure your payment has cleared.
  Voting is immediately available after entries are posted.

Entry # Animal Name Votes Owner
1 Shadow 5 Meg Creighton
2 Cherry 5 Ron Booth
3 Shawn 95 Himes Painting
4 Ariella 0 Annette Averitt
5 Lexi 0 Wayne & Diane Ferrell
6 Freddie 5  Mary DeVicchio
7 Marge 0 Gina Zirounis
8 Damon 0 Jeff Perrine
9 Breez 0 Stephanie Bobovnyk
10  Shae 122 Tracy Haywood
11  Rusty 0 Tammy Kishok
12  Maizy 0 Kim Guarnieri 
13  Dio 0 Annette Kelly
14 Bocephus, Miss Muffy, Lola, Zsa zsa, Truman 60 Lorrine Schwab
15 Hetfield 55  Vicki Powell
16 Rafiki 10 Denise Habeger
17 Yogi (Right), Furby (Left) 0 Vicki Gaida
18 Stella 10 Debbie Dempsey
19 Storm 22  Kathy Granger
20 Sadie 0 Stephanie Pershing
21 Lacey Chivon 0 Dee OHara
22 Rosie 30 Holly Guerrero
23 Murphy 10 Herman Frank
24 Gucci 0 Janice Young
25 Kiki 15 Janet Flynn
26 Dice 15 Janet Flynn
27 Allie 15 Janet Flynn
28 Louie 5 Kate Flynn
29 Mia 5 Kate Flynn
30 Duesey 0 JMary Zalac
31 Veronica 150 Carol Sinz
32 Gidget 0 Margaret Stoffer
33 Shadow 0 Paige Garthwaite
34 Maxwell 0 Alysia Curto
35 Brutus Buckey 0 Terry Lisko
36 Marley 27 Tiffany Kerr
37 Happy 150 Sam Sinz
38 Triton 57 Donna Zagorsky
  Calendar Contest 2020 Entry Information, Prizes & Rules  

How does my pet become a calendar contest winner?


Would you like to see your pet in our next calendar? Well here's a few helpful hints on how to obtain votes for your pet.

  • First of all, each vote is $1.

  • Ask friends, family and co-workers to support you and your pet. If they make donations to Angels for Animals it will be tax deductible for them and each dollar will represent one vote for your pet. Example: $20 = 20 votes.

  • You can make a gift basket and sell raffle tickets. Each ticket you sell for your basket will be one vote for your pet.

  • Didn't make it to our garage sale? It is not too late...hold a garage sale of your own with all proceeds going to Angels for Animals in the form of votes for your pet.

Those are just a few tips to get you started so...put on your thinking caps and start campaigning. Not only are you getting your beloved pet on a calendar that will be in many homes, businesses and children's rooms, you'll also be helping many animals waiting for their loving forever home.

Good luck to all of you!!!

Can't wait to see who our winners will be.

1st Place Winner Receives

  • A $50 Gift Certificate good toward an adoption, pies or any merchandise at Angels.

  • Plus below

All Winners Receive

  • A $20 Gift Certificate good toward an adoption, pies or any merchandise at Angels.

  • A memorial brick on the Angel Way
    (A $100 value).

  • 3 Free Calendars.

  • Bragging rights with all their friends!

Rules & Regulations

  • You may enter as often as you like but each entry should be in its own envelope.

  • Entries are $5 each.

  • Votes cost $1 each.

  • Winners to be determined solely by vote donations.

  • Photos should be of pets only!

  • Photos may be no smaller than 4 x6
  • Entries will be accepted until June 30, 2019

  • Votes will be accepted until June 30, 2019

  • Winners will be announced  on our website.

  • Angels reserves the right to refuse any entry if the photo quality is too poor and/or the photo cannot be reproduced for the calendar.

Updated: 6/10/2019
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