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If your class or organization would like to schedule a  presentation, please contact us at 330-549-1111 to make arrangements.


What can we do to make sure every animal across America is taken care of and finds their 'furr-ever' home?

7.6 million companion animals per year enter rescue shelters in America. 

Of those 7.6 million animals

  • 2.7 million shelter animals are adopted per year

  • 2.7 million shelter animals are euthanized per year

  • 2.2 million animals remain at shelters every year

This tragedy is 100% fixable and preventable and it all starts with you and me!

An effective outreach program is so important. Our goal is to get at least one presentation to every school in our area at least once a year. Just bringing animals into a classroom brings children to life and catches their attention. We are here to explain to them that these animals are domestic, not wild, are depend on humans to give them shelter, food, water, and love!.

We will visit any class from grades one to twelve with more detailed presentations given to older students. The heart of the message we teach is made of up of two parts. Firstly, spay and neuter your pets! We do not believe bringing more puppies and kittens into this world while the shelters are overflowing and perfectly healthy animals are being euthanized due to the overpopulation issue all across America. Secondly but no less important, take care of the animals you have. Spay and neuter them, take them for their annual vaccines, and let them stay in their homes for the rest of their days!

We offer presentations to any group-service organizations that need speakers, nursing homes and even children’s parties. These are all opportunities to get the message out and reach the public.

If you’re interested in organizing a presentation or would like more information please contact us at 330-549-1111

Last Revised: December 17, 2015

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