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"Tree of Marie" Cat Tree

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Angels for Animals was seeded as a dream in the minds of Polly Wardle and Diane Less Baird. It took root on top the backs of horses, a mutual love of the two co-founders. With the help of a lawyer, Angels then officially sprouted and was incorporated in 1990.

From the fertile thoughts of such a mission, education was chosen as the nurturing trunk from which all would branch off and bud. By educating the public and pet owners on responsible guardianship and the “importance” of spaying and neutering, these two women could change the perception of animals as property to companions and reduce the senseless number killed because of overpopulation.

The two women; Diane a cat lover and Polly a dog in a prior life, began the pet project out of their homes and farms running ads promoting spaying and neutering and meeting with vets and other groups. While obtaining their own education elsewhere, irresponsible humans dumped litters of cats and dogs at their homes. It became so overwhelming that it inspired them to renovate a vacant industrial chicken house into a shelter for the animals rather than the multitude at their homes.

The move into the chicken house took place in 1994 and brought with it new interest from the community. Mutual animal advocates began to volunteer and the blossoming effect made the two Angels realize the situation was much bigger than they were. So began the cultivation of a bigger, better shelter.

The chicken house was utilized for six years while adoptions grew and volunteers became more plentiful. Great new ideas and programs abounded with education and spay/neuter always priorities.

In search of a new location, an abandoned slaughter house was considered; and, through some scheming, was finally purchased. (The proprietor in charge of selling the property had an aversion to allowing “girls” to purchase the property.) What a motto they envisioned, “From Slaughter to Salvation.” Despite their dedication to recycling paper, glass, plastics and pets, the old building was not to be used and was demolished.

Upon the barren site and 37 acres the planting of a new idea began; a beautiful 2.8 million dollar, 13,500 sq ft animal friendly facility. Angel Place would consist of three buildings. The actual animal shelter with a two story, man made cat tree, play areas for the dogs and a clean warm, “fuzzy-all-over” atmosphere. The second building would serve to flourish funds for the animals. This was Andrews Hall, a hall with complete kitchen to be rented out for parties, bingo, and used for Angels own events.

The third building will be a massive garage for storage, outdoor activities and perhaps an office for a future humane officer, however these plans have not come to fruition.

This is where we are today, 4750 St. Rt 165 with two buildings complete and all sorts of pet projects constantly going on while new endeavors are always in the making.

Last Revised: January 6, 2010

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